It is curious curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare.
Mark Twain

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My first guest: Dr. Howard Giles of Dental Associates of Delaware.

Dr. Howard Giles (who goes by the nickname of “Howdy”) is one of the most upbeat, optimistic people I know! When he began his practice in Wilmington, Delaware in 1969, he did it with the simple belief that “everything will work out.” Today, the practice has four locations with 15 more dentists and is gloriously successful.

Dr. Giles is not only my dentist—he’s Arnold Palmer’s dentist, and he considers meeting and knowing Arnie one of his highest joys. “I pinch myself,” he says of knowing the revered golfer, and his deep respect and love for his friend is featured in his book, The King and I: An Unlikely Journey from Fan to Friend.

(Golfers: we will spend some time on this very important part of Dr. Giles’ life!) View an NBC piece done during Palmer’s tournament last year here on YouTube.  All Rights Reserved.  Copyright 2011-2013

Dr. Howard Giles