It is curious curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare.
Mark Twain

Dr. Kathryn Stoltzfus graduated from the University of Liverpool in 1994 with a degree in Pharmacology and Veterinary Medicine. In 2004 she began working at Windcrest Animal Hospital and in 2008 became Chief of Staff at Talleyville Veterinary Hospital, where she pursues a special interest in dental care, geriatric care, and feline medicine and surgery.  Her fascination with the human-animal bond has led her to volunteer in the Himalayas, where she participated in a spay/neuter and rabies vaccination project and was called upon to help a local leopard at the Royal Himalayan Zoo (surgery at 12,000 feet outdoors)!

Kathryn's deep love of animals was nurtured by her parents and being exposed at a young age to James Herriot's celebrated "All Creatures Great and Small." Currently working on a global MBA, she hopes to provide exceptional care to pets in developing countries. She and her husband, David, care for a family of animals at home, including a Dalmatian, Rudy; Terrier mix, Fongo; American Staffordshire, Jack; and a Himalayan cat, Muffin. In her spare time, Dr. Stoltzfus enjoys Tae Kwon Do, skiing, bicycling and gourmet food. Her character strengths are impressive guides in her current pursuits! Come and hear what they are!

Dr. Kathryn Stoltzfus

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